Update: Verdict? Unfortunately, Not Good. If you're thinking about installing, read through the comments first. How come every new big BB app is running into such teething problems!?! **

Officially announced for the BlackBerry today, Zumobi is a little hard to explain, a little hard to "get" from looking at a single screenshot, yet it is definitely cool and worth an install for anybody who considers themself to be a BlackBerry addict. Whether it's worth keeping installed, you can let us know that in the comments! To download, on your BlackBerry visit http://get.zumobi.com

Watch the 45 second demo above to get an overview of what Zumobi is all about and learn more about it after the jump...

From the release...

As the profile of Smartphone users expands to include more than just business users, Zumobi has developed its BlackBerry product to enhance the user experience by providing easy access to small “bites” of customized Web content via mobile device. The Zumobi platform, which is ad supported and gives a fully-branded experience to users, is an ideal medium for advertisers and content providers to directly reach consumers in an engaging and highly-targeted manner. 

With an already robust library of widgets (Zumobi calls them “Tiles”)  to entice users of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry with news, sports, weather, entertainment, games and more, Zumobi now offers even more new Tiles for users including NPR, AP Olympics report, Major League Baseball as well as social media sites Facebook and Twitter.  Users can also create their own Zumobi mobile widgets from just about any Web content with the new Tile Creation Wizard now available on Zumobi’s website.

The boys at BlackBerry Cool have been all over Zumobi since they first saw it back at WES. Here's a look at their first impressions:

Zumobi for BlackBerry Impressions

  • Zumobi offers a lot of tiles to start off. Like 200 tiles a lot. Suffice it to say, we haven’t checked them all out yet.
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Zumobi’s default offerings, however, you have the option of creating your own tile using their web interface and sending it to your BlackBerry. Just upload the proper RSS feed and you’re ready to go. Cool.
  • The number/quadrant-based interface may take awhile to get used to for those more familiar with rolling their scroll ball every which way, but it’s actually quite effective. Before long we were navigating tiles like a pro.
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT INSTALL ZUMOBI WITH AN SD CARD IN YOUR BLACKBERRY. I did and I encountered a bug that basically puts the application in a ‘feedback loop of doom’, requiring you to uninstall and start over (Zumobi is working to fix the issue). Once the application is loaded however, feel free to pop your card back in.
  • Zumobi is a fairly graphic — and thus resource — intensive application. Testing on a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 was manageable, but the ride was much smoother on my BlackBerry 8330 (hey, RAM makes a difference). What’s interesting, however, is imagining how sweet Zumobi will look on the BlackBerry Bold or the Thunder. Mmmmmmm.
  • One neat aspect of Zumobi that surprised us was the ability to send tiles via email to your friends, much like Facebook apps. It’s interesting to think how Zumobi could become the ‘next cool thing’ discovery medium for BlackBerry users.
  • Speaking of Facebook, the Facebook tile was a little wonky while I was testing it, preventing me from updating my status, but Zumobi has told me it should be fixed by the time you’re reading this.
  • Generally speaking, BIS users should see a slightly faster Zumobi experience than BES users.
  • Right now BlackBerry users don’t have the ability to discover and add tiles from their device (boo!), but using Zumobi’s web gallery via a desktop browser was a painless experience (see image below). 

As I've written up this post I've downloaded and installed Zumobi onto my 8320 Curve. Installation is a bit of a pain (gotta set up an account, but no big deal). As for the app, I love the concept, but my Curve is having a TOUGH time at the moment. OUT OF MEMORY. I guess I need to read a BB101 tutorial and Free Up Memory on my BlackBerry Smartphone. But come on RIM..we need MORE SPACE FOR APPS on these devices! I know the Bold has more, but it's STILL not enough.

If you give Zumobi a go be sure to let us know what you think (and how it's performing for you on your BB) in the comments!