If you are a TELUS BlackBerry user you may have noticed a new application icon on your device. Now, sometimes carriers have a really bad habit of pushing a ton of stuff to our devices. In order to better educate folks about the most recent app to pop up, here is a look at Zoompass.

  • Zoompass is a convenient way to send, receive, and request money, instantly and securely, on your mobile phone.  Plus it’s FREE to register!
  • Zoompass can be used by anyone on the Bell Mobility, Rogers, and TELUS networks as well as customers of their respective affiliates including Fido, PC Mobile, Solo Mobile and Virgin Mobile.
  • Zoompass is operated by EnStream – a joint venture of Canada’s three leading carriers; Bell Mobility, Rogers and TELUS 

Zoompass is not that bad of a service. I can actually see why some folks may be interested in using it. Aside from mobile money transfer you can also use the option to get a prepaid Mastercard to use wherever Mastercard is accepted. This service is similar to the PayPal offering of Mastercards, where money is withdrawn direct from your PayPal account. Only in this case, it's your Zoompass account or bank account directly. Of course, there is fees associated to the service so keep that in mind should you decide to use it.

  • To Learn More About Zoompass Check Out Their Website>>

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