ZonaSnap is one of my favorite and most frequently used BlackBerry applications. This simple app allows you to easily take screenshots and share them in a variety of ways. ZonaSnap, developed by Javiergv of ZonaBlackBerry, was recently updated to v2.0.5 and there are quite a few changes that are worth mentioning. See the full list of features below. The full version of ZonaSnap costs $1.99 but there is a free 7 day trial available. At the end of the trial the app still functions, however your screenshots will be watermarked.

  • Zonasnap added as an menu item with options to remove.
  • Send snap of your screen without saving straight from the screen as email, to Photobucket, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger Contact or simply save to SD card under your pictures folder.
  • Can be added as a convenience key.
  • When used from the menu it gives you a preview of your screen shot.
  • Files can be saved as jpg or png format.
  • After the capture is sent to Photobucket, you will receive a notification in a window reporting that the image code has been received and it has been inserted into Memopad.
  • Short vibration to let you know the snap has been taken with option to remove this alert.
  • Options for add a Water Mark and rotate it, add Opacity, Scale and Align into the Capture, this Water Mark can be selected from the SD Card pictures.
  • Full 7days Trial. After the expired will be available all the main options except the selection of the watermark, will be set a default water mark in the capture.
  • Options to change the quality of the capture in the format jpg.
  • Must enable all permissions requested by the application.
  • Storm users should disable the compatibility mode.
  • We have detected problems with the Water Mark in some Non Official OS.

For more information/screenshots and to download ZonaSnap

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