Zinio With PlayBook OS 2.0 now in the hands of the masses, there is still a lot of folks out there wondering where some of the apps RIM showcased are. One app in particular, Zinio -- has been a target for that question as many were hoping to have the app as soon as PlayBook OS 2.0 was made public. Sadly, you'll have to wait a little bit longer for it but you can take solace in knowing that it is coming. It's not just RIM saying it is, Zinio themselves took to Twitter to address the situation:

@BlackBerry fans, Stay patient. The @zinio app for the Playbook is coming real soon #ResearchInMagazines

With over 6,000 new developers having signed up for PlayBook development there is a lot of apps that are still in the queue to be released. With each new day that passes, more apps will arrive and eventually Zinio will be among them.