I was pretty excited when Zeebox arrived a while ago for BlackBerry 7 devices here in the UK. The Android version has now made its way to BlackBerry 10 and seems to work perfectly. The application is mainly a TV guide but there are lots of other features within the app.

Once you load Zeebox for the first time it will ask you who is your television provider. This is so the app only lists TV programs that you will have access to which I think it a great touch.

At the top of the display are three tabs. First up is 'TV Picks' where you are presented with featured programs that will be coming up later in the day. Next up is 'Guide' and this will show you what is currently on the TV. You can also scroll each channel to the left to see what's on next and later in the day. Selecting a program will provide you with more information about it and you also get the option to share the details via Twitter, Facebook or email - so Zeebox has a kind of social side to it. The final tab is 'Activity' and this is where you can see which TV programs your friends have been watching.

Overall I have to say that if you have a BlackBerry 10 phone here in the UK then Zeebox is a must have app - and it's free!

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