If Outlook synching isn't your thing, then a new app called ZBook is a great way to backup your phonebook effectively, easily and automatically. Your phonebook will sync to the ZBook servers manually or daily at a preset time of your choosing. ZBook also supports the importing of contacts from Outlook, MSN, Hotmail, Gmail, Plaxo, and Yahoo to your online account. Features include:

  • The contacts can be edited by the owner at any time online and then sync-up with the device
  • Supports Outlook import of contacts in the CSV format and restore of all contacts in case the phone is lost or switched to newer phone.
  • Auto sync timer: It wakes up the ZBook, backup contacts and then smoothly exit the application on a specific set time.
  • Search contacts based on full or partial name, number, email or address  

It would be hard to justify purchase with Google Sync being free, but if you're a non-Google user this may interest you. The price is a little steep at $9.99, but the features may be enough to justify the price. Head over to BlackBerry App World to download.

  • More information and download of ZBook>>

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