BlackBerry is taking a new approach in the Beta Zone today as some users are receiving an invite to test out not new software, but a new accessory. First up in the deal is the BlackBerry Carbonite Pocket for the BlackBerry Z30. The case resembles that of the leather pocket or microfiber pouch that we've seen over and over again for various devices, only taking on a new carbonite form. 

From the description:

Protect your BlackBerry Smarthphone with the BlackBerry Carbonite Pocket. Thin, light weight and fabric wrapped with a soft inner lining the BlackBerry Carbonite Pocket protects against drops, bumps and scratches. Automatic power-saving technology works to help extend battery life.

It's not really much more than a pocket pouch and from the description it seems that it will have the ever-popular sleeper magnet to activate the "power-saving features". Eligible members are receiving a notice in the beta zone and can register to receive and test the new accessory. It's an interesting approach for BlackBerry that we haven't seen before, but who doesn't love beta stuff? Or even just stuff?

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