Q15 Slider Concept

BlackBerry concept time once again and this one is brought to us by CrackBerry forum member D_Gui who also gave us the recent Q15 compact concept that understandably had mixed views. This one certainly looks my cup of tea, although I'm not sure we need the screen to rotate, plus it would add to costs and potentially be something that could malfunction.

That said, I'm loving the concept forum thread we have going and it's awesome to see that there are BlackBerry fans out there sharing what they would like to see with future devices. 

With the Q20 news that was unveiled at MWC we know that the trackpad and function keys are making a return and in this slider form factor they would certainly come in handy. I loved my Torch 9800/9810 but whether we will see another slider from BlackBerry again is anyones guess. 

From the poll we ran a short while back it's quite clear that the CrackBerry nation would like another slider. 

Slider Poll

I'm sure BlackBerry will be taking these posts into consideration, although with their current situation in the smartphone market, bring a slider to us BlackBerry 10 fans is probably way down on their list of things to do. 

Sound off in the comments if you're liking the look if this one? I'm fairly sure most of you will be with me on my thoughts of the rotating display. Or will you? 

Head on over to the Concept forum for more details