Matt Miller is becoming a BlackBerry fan again thanks to BlackBerry 10 on the Z10.  Matt has a long history with Mobile Nations as the former EIC of our Nokia Experts site (now covered by WP Central) and very well respected when it comes to the mobile space.

At any given time he has plenty of devices in his arsenal and often switches between them daily. He uses everything from the Nokia N9 to the Galaxy Note II to the BlackBerry Z10. He was a former Bold 9930 user and loved his PlayBook so much that he bought another immediately after he regrettably sold his first (a bit of sellers remorse you could say). 

After using the BlackBerry Z10 for a few weeks, Matt has become a big fan of the BlackBerry 10 UI - notably the Hub and peek function. Like all good reviewers, he knows that it takes time to put a device through the paces (you can't crank out an accurate review only using the device for a few days) so he's decided to use his T-Mobile Z10 exclusive for at least a month to "give it a serious test". 

We're confident that Matt will continue to love the Z10 the more he uses it. Heck - Kevin, Bla1ze and I all dropped our multiple devices in favor of the Z10 - and being geeks that says a lot. 

So take a few minutes and check out Matt's full post over at ZDNet. It's definitely worth a read and we can't wait to see if when the Z10 wins him over for good. Afterwards we'd love to have him back for another CrackBerry podcast to hear his thoughts. 

You can find Matt Miller on Twitter at @palmsolo

BB10 on the Z10 is making me a BlackBerry fan again