Poll results time once again and this one relates to when we asked you if you use the BlackBerry 10 browser for watching YouTube videos or a third party app. As I said in the original post - I'm a third party app guy, but looking at the below results it seems I'm very much in the minority - with 75% of BlackBerry 10 users favoring the browser. 

Am I surprised by these finding? No, not really, as the BB10 browser is absolutely awesome, plus it's free - unlike some of the best third party apps which charge for all the features within the app. 

If BlackBerry were to at some point release their own native YouTube app I suspect the findings would be different. That said, we've had BlackBerry 10 for over a year and as the browser does such a good job is there any real need for an app? I suspect the answer in the BlackBerry camp is no. 

If you're thinking of developing a YouTube app for BlackBerry 10 I don't think it won't be one to make you rich, I'm sorry to say.