Not a fan of YouTube tracking every video you watch? Sure, you can disable your watch history entirely or you can try out the new Incognito Mode, which has now been introduced within the YouTube app for Android.

With YouTube 13.25.56 and newer, you can hop into the settings and quickly flip over to Incognito Mode, which allows you to watch videos in the app without leaving any trace of them in your watch or search history. YouTube does, however, note your activity can still be viewed by your internet provider, employer, or school.

While in Incognito Mode, you'll effectively be logged out of your account, and see an indicator at the bottom letting you know you're in Incognito Mode. One drawback, however, if you're a YouTube Premium subscriber, is that all those features will be disabled.

Will you use Incognito Mode on YouTube? I probably won't but you know what I would use? A dark mode. YouTube should roll that out.

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