ascendo datavaultI don’t know about you, but I am about out of passwords I can think up for my various sites, accounts, alarms and computers. It seems that everything requires an account number and password these days. If you are a paranoid like me, you worry about using the same password for all your accounts in case someone hacks into your computer and discovers your PW and spends the next hour cleaning out all your accounts and ordering expensive junk online.

Thankfully, Ascendo Data Vault is now available for BlackBerry. Ascendo Data Vault stores confidential information like passwords, credit cards, PINs, logins, frequent flyer numbers, etc. using the most powerful encryption method available. It is also the only product that provides Tree Views and List Views on your Blackberry,data vault2 which allows you to organize data in a more intuitive way and find information quicker.

The benefits are obvious – you can save time by having important personal information at your fingertips, and you can relax knowing your private information is encrypted.

Other features include filtering information for quicker look-ups, enter fields up to 1000 characters in length to record information such as internet addresses, an unlimited number of types such as Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Logins, Memberships, Prescriptions, Vehicle, Health information, 20 predefined templates to speed data entry and 100 display icons with Item and Templates names to choose from.

Right now, if you purchase the Ascendo Data Vault today, you’ll also receive the Ascendo Theme Pack for Free. Visit the store to order today.