Have you ever really wondered just how much data your phone gives away about you? German politician Maite Spitz gave a brilliant TED talk on your carrier collects crazy amounts of data from your mobile phone use. Spitz had asked his phone company Deutsche Telekom for this data multiple times, however they refused each time, so Spitz filed a lawsuit. He ultimately won and agreed to drop the lawsuit in exchange for his data. What he got was a file with over 35,000 lines of code that showed his life over the last six months. With help from ZEIT ONLINE and OpenDataCity, Spitz mapped out a visualization of his life -- all thanks to his mobile phone data -- and the results are astounding.

It's pretty crazy to see just how much your carrier and other agencies know about you just from your phone use. granted, using a BlackBerry is secure, but your carrier can still get at your data Just a reminder to be careful with all of the data you lay out online (not just on your mobile phone). Check out the full video above and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Android Central