I remember when I was a kid and my dad has this crazy camera right that he used to tote all over the place. He had this big case that fit the camera along with flash and all kinds of other goodies. I can't argue that we ended up with some great shots from our vacations but it all seemed like a bit much.

Now that I'm a family man I do find myself taking my Canon T4i along on more than a few family outings. I'll grab it for planned vacations or for the big stuff if I know there will some good photos ops, but often times I'll just leave the house with my trust BlackBerry doubling as my camera. I had a nice little Panasonic Lumix that I used for quite a while since it was easily pocketable, but that too has since been replaced with my BlackBerry camera.

Sadly this wasn't the case when I had my Bold 9900 since we all know that the camera there was far from great, but with my Z10 or Q10 in hand I've snagged plenty of awesome shots.

Rolling along with today's Talk Mobile topic of photography, we want to know what you do. Has your BlackBerry replaced a stand-alone camera as well or do you still take one along for the ride anyway? Let us know in the poll below then hit up the comments and tell us why you do or don't lug a separate camera.