While catching up on my inbox Sunday night, I came across an email I missed looking at earlier in the week from Skydeck letting me know about their new just out of beta service for BlackBerry smartphones. It's kind of interesting - I'm definitely looking forward to hearing CrackBerry Nation's thoughts on this one!

Skydeck brings RIM devices to life online. It is for smartphone users who depend on their device the same way they depend on email, and need a smart way to manage and search conversations, voicemails and text messages. 

Skydeck highlights include:

  • Skydeck moves all the functionality of your Blackberry device onto the web, and lets you track, archive and search VoIP and wireless calls, voicemail and text messages online.
  • Skydeck keeps a complete record of your activity by capturing every incoming and outgoing call and lets you search them and attach call notes. It also captures full text of text messages and incoming voice mails.
  • Skydeck organizes the address book on your Blackberry device based on who you interact with most, putting the people you talk and message with the most right at the top.
  • If you lose your phone, or are traveling and want to avoid costly roaming charges, you can use your smart phone from Skydeck on the web.
  • Skydeck lets you initiate VoIP calls and text messages that look like they are coming from your cell phone.

Check out the video above for a detailed overview and hands-on by Skydeck's CEO. For more information, visit Skydeck.com. So whaddya think? Something you'd pay $9.95/mo. for? Let us know in the comments!