Clock - Daylight Savings is Near!
This year, the powers that be have decided to change the onset of Daylight Savings Time in North America. And the potential problems for computers and smartphones such as the BlackBerry have some people warning about a mini Y2K problem.

Fool me once etc…so we are not worrying too much about the end of the world and 747s dropping out of the sky. However, if you own an earlier version BlackBerry you may have to do something to adjust you device to accommodate the time change.

You may need to install a software patch to your BlackBerry in order for it to correctly display time and calendar events. If your organization is using BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your IT department may already be planning to update your BlackBerry remotely. If you haven’t heard from your IT department check with them to see if there is a plan in place.

For those of us without IT departments, we may to have to install a patch but it is a pretty easy task. Daylight Saving Time (DST) will now begin on the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November in North America. The result is three weeks of additional daylight saving time in the Spring, and one week in the Fall.

The changes come as part of the US Energy Policy Act of 2005. Both the US and Canada will be implementing the new DST changes this year. This means BlackBerry users in the US and Canada will need to install a software patch to their BlackBerry in order for it to recognize the new Daylight Saving Time changes.

If you don’t get the patch your Berry will will display the incorrect time for certain time periods during the year. This means any appointments (and their reminders) will appear one hour late.

Fixing the problem

First you must check your BlackBerry to confirm which version of the software you are using. To do this, open “Settings” then "Options" and then "About." The third line in the information screen, will tell you what device you have… something like “ v4.1.0.21 (Platform”.

If the software version displayed is v4.1.0.375, v4.1.0.377, or v4.1.0.378, your BlackBerry already has the updated DST information and you do not need to install a software patch.

If the software version displayed is v4.0.0.x or earlier, you will need to update the DST information on your BlackBerry by installing a software patch. Installing the patch? If your organization is running BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your IT Administrator may be able to administer the patch to your smartphone remotely. Check with your IT department for more information.

BlackBerry users can install the software patch in one of two ways:

Via USB Connection

On your laptop or PC, visit

To apply the patch, plug in your BlackBerry. The system will automatically identify the BlackBerry and apply the right patch file (.cod file) immediately.

From your BlackBerry Browser,

Got to and download the “Patch Manager” application. Patch Manager will determine the appropriate patch required given the target BlackBerry (if required), and automatically retrieve and install the right patch file (.cod file) immediately.

You may be prompted to reset your BlackBerry.

It really is quite easy and painless so get to it before this Sunday, we’d hate you to be late for an important meeting. For more information please visit .

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