In June, YouMail Inc. updated their popular Visual Voicemail Plus app to include several great improvements such as One-Touch Community Greetings & Number Search available In-App. Now YouMail Inc. has once again updated their app to version 2.5.17 with even more improvements making your voicemail messages truly visual.

The Visual Voicemail Plus service now features a new and comprehensive Visual Caller ID component that makies it closer to a true call management system for your BlackBerry device. Visual Caller ID visually identifies both missed callers and callers who have left messages with a name, a photo and city/state information, even when the number calling is not in the user’s address book.  This allows you to scan & listen to your voicemail messages in any order you choose. When you add this new addition to the other great features like custom contact greetings (love having one for my kids that says "if you're calling to ask for money, you may as well hang up"), checking messages via your pc, calling voicemail # orvia their  app as well as the option to share messages via email (comes in handy when trying to schedule an appointment for mulitple people), blogs and social network sites, that are already available for free, it pretty much makes other number and voicemail services redundant.

YouMail also offers Premium Services that include everything Visual Voicemail Plus offers as well as larger inbox storage (5,000+ messages), extended recordings (up to 5 min messages & 2 min greetings) and 20+ transcribed messages (message length transcribed varies per service level) based on the level you select starting at $4.99 a month.

This app has come in handy for me since switching from my BlackBerry 9670, which had Visual Voicemail included, to the 9930 which doesn't. I love being able to open the application, see who has called (and I mean literally see since there is a picture included) and left a message versus who has just called and hung up. I can easily pick the messages I want to listen to first instead of skipping through the numerous telemarkters & calls from my mother. 

Contest: We have 5 annual basic transcription packages to be won. That's a savings of $8.99/month! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

For more information / download YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus