BlackBerry Plane

In some places around the world using your 3G/4G smartphone or tablet on an airplane is common practice, but not for us folk in Europe. That's soon to change though as the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has announced new plans that will allow for devices to be used above an altitude of 3000 metres. 

As well as the use of certain electronic equipment being allowed during take off and landing (which has always been prohibited) it seems that some airlines may be deploying 3G/LTE services on their aircraft. For people such as my good self, getting a data connection on a plane is unheard of, but seeing how us BlackBerry addicts are somewhat addicted to checking and responding to messages as soon as humanly possible this is going to be a huge bonus for frequent travelers - business users in particular. 

As it stands at the moment we are uncertain of which, if any, airlines will roll out the service and there may be some restrictions in terms of what is allowed and when. Even if they don't offer 3G/4G options it's going to be nice to not have to switch off your BlackBerry as the plane prepares for take off and landing. 

It's early days but when things go live we'll let you know. It's going to feel weird at first sending an email from above the clouds. 

Source: ITV News