Ain't no derby like a Zombie Derby! Zombies have been all the rage in recent years. I've been a huge fan of the Walking Dead TV series since day one and I'm eagerly awaiting the start of season 5. I don't mind some of the more…cheesier zombie flicks I've come across online but I honestly haven't played too many games that involve zombies. So when I came across the name Zombie Derby in BlackBerry World, I did raise my eyebrow.

In a nutshell, your goal is to drive from point A straight to point B, trying to obliterate as many of the undead as you can all the while upgrading your vehicle with weapons and other enhancements. It's gore galore and vehicular (undead)manslaughter in Zombie Derby. Do you have the guts to spill their guts? Can you make it to the safety of the fort found at the finish line? Fill up with gas, and windshield washer fluid, and start your engines.

Zombie Derby consists of a tutorial to teach you the basic skills of 4 wheeled zombie slaying and 5 levels to challenge yourself with. You start off with an old jalopy and slowly purchasing increasingly better vehicles including, my future favourite, the combine harvester. Yes, it looks as awesome as it sounds. While doing this you are also upgrading your vehicles with better engines and tires, larger fuel and nitro tanks, spiked bumpers/ battering ram and of course, guns! You do this with coins earned from playing levels, so it may take a good number of tries until your vehicle is finally capable of reaching the goal.

The roads you must travel are in straight lines and are anything but flat. They have small to huge hills to traverse and ravines to soar over. There are also (for some reason) crates and explosive barrels piled in pyramids, collapsing bridges, ramps and, of course, the jaywalking dead. Each obstacle has an optimum method of overcoming it, so you must watch your bullets, nitro and every drop of fuel if you want to try and make it to the end.

Luckily, the controls are simple to master. Your nitro button and gas pedals are on the right side and your fire button is on the left, along with your ammo count. In the top left corner of the screen, you'll see your fuel and nitro gauges and your speedometer. You score coins for distance travelled, number of kills and getting a high score. You have the option to increase your points with stunts, like landing on top of a zombie or smashing into a bird with a well timed jump. As you progress through the game, you can also unlock achievements that, in turn, grant you with additional power-ups, like increased speed or a boost in your ammo. Zombie Derby keeps track of your score and you can check out the leaderboard to see if you reign supreme or if you still need to work on your slaying skills.

The Good

Mindless motorized mutilation is to be had with this game. The upgrades and variety of vehicles help keep Zombie Derby fresh as you attempt each level again and again. Keep trying tricks as you zoom through to see if you can unlock more achievements.

The Bad

I find that the fuel storage runs out too quickly and you're spending a lot of your well earned coins on refuelling rather than on your vehicle. I like the slow, shambling type of zombies used in the game, but I wonder how it would be if they used the faster type as well? Give us more of a challenge!

The bottomline

Even in the zombie apocalypse some are worried about customizing their trucks. Yes it's fun to slam through the undead at 80 km/h but you'd think that the resources would be better spent elsewhere. Then again, society has collapsed, some have gone crazy so to each their own. If your thing is guns, trucks and zombie mayhem, you should take Zombie Derby for a test drive. Being a free game, you have nothing to lose. It's compatible with the BlackBerry Z10, Z30 and Z3.

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