If you want a nice reference tool to help with learning web design, Web Design Cheat Sheet a is great app for BlackBerry 10. We first looked at it back at BlackBerry Live last May 2013. It is quite a comprehensive library of information. You'll see from the picture above that there are three main sections to the app - HTML5, CSS and Javascript. As of right now HTML5 and CSS are populated and Javascript is coming soon. In fact, this will be the last update before the Javascript section will drop.

In both the HTML5 and CSS sections, you'll find an editor, allowing you to try out some code and get a quick preview of it too. I love that the developer has included quick access buttons for HTML elements so you don't need to type them out constantly. One of the biggest additions in the latest update is landscape mode for the editor. It was something requested by users, so the developer went to work to try to get it implemented and here we are.

It's an app for a niche market but it is a useful one and I have recommended it to some people already, whenever someone is looking for a web creation reference tool. You can check out our hands on video if you want to see it in action, though there have been some additions since that review.

Web Design Cheat Sheet is free download and you get the HTML5 section for free, as well as the editor. The Resources section will cost you $0.99. If you want the CSS Section it will cost $1.99. Just remember the work put into creating an app like this. It's a pretty comprehensive app, plus the developer himself is a student so why not buy him a coffee to help him during his long hours. As usual though, if you have already made a purchase to those sections, the update is free, even if you are just using the free version, the update is free. It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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