You can now tag articles in the latest version of ReadItNow!

If you're a Pocket user, you've probably already heard of ReadItNow! It's a third party client we've featured a few times here in the CrackBerry blog. It's one of my first top 5 apps installed whenever I get a new device or carry out a clean install on my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. This latest update brings us to v7.0 and with it comes some new additions. As well as your usual bug squashing fixes.

If you have heard of Pocket before it's a service that allows you to save web articles for later reading or for just saving articles that you may wish to go back to often. I come across many articles a I want to read during the day but can't always get through them, so I save to them to Pocket, via ReadItNow! and I can go back and read them when I'm at home on the computer or via ReadItNow!. You will need a Pocket account in order to use ReadItNow! and it is free to sign up for an account.

What's new in ReadItNow! v7.0?

  • NEW: add and manage tags!
  • NEW: filter by multiple tags at once (AND conjunction)
  • NEW: filter articles by tags and search combined
  • NEW: showing reading suggestions when minimized!
  • NEW: added signature actions!
  • NEW: auto-close card after sharing to ReadItNow (optional)
  • NEW: translations: italian, vietnamese, japanese, indonesia
  • IMPROVED: nicer app cover in reading mode
  • IMPROVED: share to Evernote now via native Evernote app!
  • IMPROVED: app stability
  • FIXED: article text will be correctly saved with OS 10.3.2
  • FIXED: bottom bar hides again on scrolling
  • FIXED: small issue with analysing account on login
  • FIXED: better handling when trying to add an rss feed
  • FIXED: startup issues on BlackBerry Q10/5
  • FIXED: sometimes duplicated articles in list/grid
  • FIXED: sometimes the app crashed when deleting last article
  • FIXED: some other minor fixes

As you can see, that's a nice list of things. One of my favorite new additions is the ability to add and manage tags. I'm sure many of you will be happy to see it added too.

ReadItNow! is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and even the BlackBerry PlayBook. It is currently priced at $0.99, of course, if you've previously purchased the app, this update as well as future updates is free.

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