You can now schedule posts for a later time in BBM Channels

Let's be honest here. BBM Channels has not received much love from BlackBerry by way of updates outside of a few additional features here and there, so when updates do come along they tend to be a surprise. Such is the case with the latest feature now appearing for those who use channels through the online portal vs. using it on their devices.

A new scheduling feature has arrived which allows you to set the date and time for which you want an update to be posted, but you can also break it down by time zone specifically. While it might not seem like much, it's certainly a welcomed addition as having the ability to set posts for a later time comes in handy, especially when you have stuff planned out but not available to be around to ensure it gets taken care of.

In any case, most folks should be seeing the new option added through the web version of BBM Channels. Hopefully, BlackBerry will also bring it to the device version as well but that would likely require a BBM update.

Via: Mondi_mamon