Manually sync photos or set a daily sync time in the latest version of PhotoUploader

PhotoUploader has just seen a big update. There are a lot of new features, plus big bug fixes too. If you haven't heard of PhotoUploader, it is an app that lets you auto-upload your photos to your Dropbox or Box accounts. The native Box app on BlackBerry 10 can do this already but PhotoUploader has this service too. Since, Dropbox on BlackBerry 10 does not, this app has been useful to me.

When PhotoUploader went headless, it appealed much more as you didn't have to remember to leave it open. Though it did cause some memory, this update has attended to that issue.

PhotoUploader v2.1.0 changelog

  • ADDED: welcome wizard for first time users
  • ADDED: ability to sync daily at a specific time
  • ADDED: ability to sync only manually
  • ADDED: BBM channel information
  • IMPROVED: much less memory consumption
  • IMPROVED: processing speed overall
  • IMPROVED: better sd card issue handling
  • BUGFIX: no more "out of memory" errors!
  • BUGFIX: entries are now sorted correctly in history list
  • BUGFIX: prevented letting target directory be equal to source directory

PhotoUploader is definitely something I will continue to use to backup my photos to Dropbox. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. It costs $0.99.

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