A new BlackBerry Launcher update has started to roll out through the Google Play Store and if you've been asking for the ability to hide apps for a while now like I have, you'll want to get it downloaded as soon as possible. This release brings the ability hide apps on your home screen and in the all apps grid as well as a few other enhancements.

What's New

  • Hide apps on your home screen and in the All Apps grid
  • Rename your applications
  • BlackBerry 7/10 icon packs were renamed, requiring you to reactivate them
  • Minor enhancements and stability fixes

Having the ability to hide apps is a pretty standard feature across all third-party launchers so BlackBerry including it on their launcher is a bonus. Personally, I find nothing wrong with the BlackBerry Launcher but have always switched to Action Launcher because it allowed for the hiding of apps. Now, there's less of a reason to switch away from the BlackBerry Launcher. Kudos to BlackBerry to finally hearing the feedback!

Download BlackBerry Launcher from Google Play