You can now be notified on app updates in the latest version of BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Beta Zone is the place where BlackBerry submit apps for beta testing, hence the name. It was recently opened to all developers and we've started to see plenty more apps appear there for user testing. The Beta Zone app, today, sees an update. It brings about some new features, most notably notifications. You can now get alerts for when apps receive an update. There are also some improvements to the discussion section too.

BlackBerry Beta Zone changelog

  • Notifications - notifications implemented for new Programs, Downloads and Surverys
  • Discussion improvements - Infinite scrolling - more threads/posts will load below as you scroll, you can now eedit your own posts from the app, HUB notifications for new posts in categories/threads you have subscribed to

Please note that as of now, app notifications to the Hub only apply to BlackBerry apps, third party app notification will come at a later time. However, notifications for discussions and surveys will work for all apps.

If you haven't updated yet, launch the Beta Zone to check for an update. If you're not seeing it yet, keep checking it back. You can sign up for a BlackBerry Beta Zone account for free although it isn't available in all regions.