If you're a BBM Enterprise user, you'll be pleased to know BBM Enterprise has now been updated with a multitude of new features including the ability to access your account simultaneously on up to three devices plus, new Windows and macOS clients to help keep your messages synchronized across all platforms.

Other features in this update include:

  • Better controls for group chat administration, better status message functionality, and improved contact search.
  • A new "delete chat history" setting that allows users to control what happens when a chat ends.
  • Enhanced IT Policies that allow greater control over user actions within BBM Enterprise.
  • Retracting a chat now deletes both the existing chat and encryption keys for that chat from your device.

Combined with the BBM Enterprise SDK, BBM Enterprise has positioned itself as a secure text, voice, video and group chat for any security-conscious organization. If you're looking to learn more, you can check out the Inside BlackBerry blog post announcing the updates, or you can simply check out the BBM Enterprise site.

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