Yesterday Sensorgate 2013 had BlackBerry 10 users scrambling for answers as their devices went haywire. The forums were on fire and we were in deep recon mode to try and get to the bottom of the issue. Thanks to many members that sent along their log files and some overtime at BlackBerry HQ, the issue has since been resolved and things are good to go.

As per Michael Clewley's BBM Channel, the root of the issue was with the server that provides sensor calibration information.

A server that provides sensor calibration information to the phone was sending corrupt data that would affect the sensors to the phone. The issue was resolved at the server. Customers that are affected can simply restart their phone to resolve the problem.

We put an update in the original blog post, but in case you missed it, you're good to go now. So if you had issues previously, just restart your device and you should be back to normal. 

Big thanks to the folks at BlackBerry for sorting this out so fast!