Yatca Updated!

Last week @azeis brought you news of yatca (Yet Another Twitter Client App) and many users either loved it or hated it. Of those that hated it the biggest gripe was the inability to control what tweets actually were showing up in their message list.

Well, Yatca has now been updated to version 1.2.1 and the developer has addressed a lot of those concerns with this update. So if you had complaints about the application before, be sure to read on to get a look at the changelog as you may be pleasantly surprised to see your complaint is no longer a complaint at all.

The changelog for Yatca is as follows, Storms owners ensure you read the last one:

  • In many corporate environments, BES is used only to provide e-mail delivery, and Internet access is provided using BIS or the carrier network. Yatca can now support this scenario thanks to a new setting on the Options screen. By default Yatca will continue to connect to Twitter through the BES and only users who experience connection problems should change this setting.
  • Curve 8900 users should now be able to take and upload photos!
  • Users on all devices should notice an improvement in the quality of uploaded photos.
  • In previous versions, Yatca would always refresh the timeline on starting, even if the auto-refresh setting was ‘None’. This has now been fixed.
  • Some of the commands have been renamed to be more meaningful, e.g. the ‘Yatca Update Status’ command is now the ‘Update Twitter Status’ command.
  • In response to a very common request, the ‘Update Twitter Status’ command is now available from all the system applications. So it is no longer necessary to open the Messages application to tweet!
  • Feedback from Storm users suggests that Yatca works better on the Storm when compatibility mode is disabled. So I have added a couple of attributes to the OTA download file to force the Storm to run Yatca in this way. N.B. These attributes are only detected if you uninstall the previous version of Yatca and then do a clean install of the new version – upgrading will not suffice.