Adding a bit of personal flair to the BlackBerry home screen is one of the first things on my to-do list when activating a new device. No on older models, I employed themes and wallpapers to achieve this effect. However, on BlackBerry 10 we are somewhat limited to changing wallpapers. However, that doesn't stop Toysoft, best known for their useful productivity applications, has a few tricks up their sleeve with their own headless take on the standard wallpaper changing application.

If you not already familiar with how these types of applications function, XTreme Wallpaper automatically changes your background image and lock screen wallpaper. In addition, it allows you to set a custom theme, which includes adding a header and footer banner, and a Toolbar.

When setting up XTreme Wallpaper for the first time you are given the option of choosing a specific folder on your device or SD card if you choose to change the wallpaper either randomly or sequentially. There is also a static option as well. Please note that when you select a folder, all of the images located there will be copied and resized to store in the application. While the original images are not affected, this means you will essentially have a duplicate set of photos taking up memory. However, I do understand the need to have images resized to fit the dimensions of your screen. In my case most of the ones I download are sized for my device.

One item that is important is the settings and options available to users especially for those concerned over memory and battery issues. You are given the ability to select not only when the wallpaper switches but how it is updated. This means you can have it update it at a normal interval (though a toast message appears on your display), when the screen is turned off, or when the screen turns on to avoid the popup.

As mentioned earlier, there is custom theme support in this application that are all accessible from the settings screen. Using the toolbar properties menu you can turn on the toolbar that displays battery percentage, current date, available memory, and weather temperature on the home screen with the ability to change the text color. In addition, using the drop down menus you can select a custom banner for the top of your display or footer at the bottom. What is nice about this feature is how not only are you allowed to use your own images but it comes with quite a few of its own which you can set and adjust the opacity to go with your background. To be exact there are 38 header and 53 footer banners included in this application.

The Good

  • Headless application that does not drain resources or battery
  • Easy to use controls
  • Ability to switch off the header and footer without restarting the device
  • Pulls local weather information by city, state, or zip code and lets you choose the temperature to display as either Metric or Imperial

The Bad

  • Cannot adjust the size of the text on the toolbar
  • As suggested, option to change the wallpaper icon sets
The Bottom Line

XTreme Wallpaper Changer will only set you back $1.99 and the capabilities you receive is definitely worth it for that price. What I think sets it apart is the option to add the footer and header which allows you some customization to your screen as themes used to do on BBOS. For those of you seeking to change things up a bit on your homescreen then this application will get the job done. The great thing about it being headless is once everything is set you can close out of it and it will do the rest for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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