Nothing pleases me more than coming across a decent FREE game in BlackBerry World and Xtrem Snowboarding was the latest I stumbled across. The concept of the game is real simple - your snow boarder will automatically slide down the hill and when he hits a jump it's time for the fun to begin.

As you become airborne a selection of colored dots will appear on the screen. You need to follow these from one end to the other in order to perform a trick. The more tricks you manage - the more points you score. Where you need to be careful though is on your decent. If you attempt a trick and don't manage to complete it before you hit the ground no points will be scored.

The graphics and sound effects within the game are pretty sweet but it's the smooth, fun, game play that really got me into it. And as it's free there really isn't any reason why you shouldn't give it a go.

Currently it's just the BlackBerry Z10 that the game supports but hopefully the developer will get it onto the others soon.

Download Xtrem Snowboarding for BlackBerry 10