Xobni for BlackBerry

Xobni for BlackBerry has been updated to v2.0.11, the full chnage log is listed below but the biggest news here is likely the addition of a free version to the Xobni line up. Yes, Xobni will now come in a free and Pro version for those of you out there who would like to have some of the key features of Xobni but not all. Check out the change log that also indicates the free vs. pro version differences.

  • Universal Search – Universal Search integration for OS 6.x devices, Xobni results will show up in your native BlackBerry search! (Pro only)
  • Contact Sharing – Share full contact details, emails/phone numbers via email or SMS (OS 6.x). Xobni users will see a notification dialog in Xobni.
  • Export To Adress Book – Now users can export contact details from Xobni to the native BlackBerry Address Book (Pro only).
  • Search by Company/Title – Leveraging the social and Outlook contact details from Xobni, search for Company or Title (Pro only).
  • Free Version! - Xobni for BlackBerry can now be downloaded for free, which will include Xobni Pro upgrades with a few feature limitations (up to 3 compose screen lookups per day)
If you've been holding off on Xobni due to its cost well that's not longer a concern with the free version version available. Give it a go, you'll see why most of the CrackBerry staff swear by it over the default address book.

More information/download of Xobni in the CrackBerry App Store

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