The long-awaited Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry is now available. We've seen the service in action more times than we can count, and are happy to say it is finally available to the public. Xobni replaces your default address book and "automatically builds and maintains the fastest, most complete and smartest address book you've ever used". The app creates profiles based on your contacts that include email addresses and phone numbers as well as information for LinkedIn, Facebook and more. The contacts are automatically kept up to date and ranked in order of relevance. Features include:

  • Email addresses for everyone with whom you communicate
  • Automatic phone number extraction
  • Access to contacts using Xobni within the email compose screen or in standalone application
  • Prioritized contacts using Xobni Rank, which lists contacts by how often you communicate with them versus alphabetically
  • Saving of Xobni profiles in the event of hard drive crash or lost phone
  • Quick access to valuable information, including:
    • One-click access to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, including photos
    • Recent SMS, phone calls and emails exchanged, and shared appointments
    • Shared network of people
    • Ability to send your calendar availability to all contacts

In my opinion Xobni is one of the few "absolutely must have" apps for BlackBerry. Xobni is available as a stand-alone BlackBerry app, and can also link to Microsoft Outlook via the Xobni One service. Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry can be purchased for a one-time fee of $9.99. Xobni Mobile with the Xobni One service is a $6.99 one-time fee, plus a $3.99 recurring monthly fee. You can also purchase one-year of Xobni Mobile on BlackBerry with Xobni One for $39.90/year. For more information and downloads head on over to

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