Xobni Xobni

We haven't heard much about Xobni since its release in March, but it has received some updates in the past few weeks. The latest comes in the form of version and brings some much anticipated features. Any Xobni users knows that sometimes the addresses in the contact list weren't always needed (ie your own address, newsgroups etc) and were just a pain. Well thanks to feedback from users, Xobni now lets you hide addresses in your contact list, as well as merge (for users that have multiple addresses and show up more than once) and even edit contacts. Editing a contact lets you change or add email addresses, phone numbers, pictures, title and company. Overall some much needed additions to the application. If you're a current Xobni user you can upgrade from bb.xobni.com. New users can check out more at xobni.com/blackberry.

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