If you've been holding off on purchasing Xobni for BlackBerry, now you can grab it directly from BlackBerry App World. If you haven't yet heard of Xobni, it creates a contact list based on addresses and information pulled from emails, giving you a big, fat contact list that is extremely easy to manage and convenient to use. Features of Xobni include:

  • Automatically created profiles for every person with whom you've ever communicated.
  • Ranked by importance - The people you email the most are at the top.
  • Lightning fast search by name or company name exposes each person's profile. Complete with photos, contact info, recent emails, calls, texts, info from LinkedIn/Facebook and more.
  • Instant access to all your Xobni Contacts in the BlackBerry compose screen.

Xobni is $9.99 and a free-trial is available. While the price tag may seem a bit high, the app pays for itself in no time and is one of the most used apps by the entire Crack team. Hit the link below for more.