XIMAD’s Ninja Shooter for BlackBerry now available

If you're into bubble shooter style games, then XIMAD has just what you are looking for. Their latest game, Ninja Shooter is now for BlackBerry smartphones and features classic bubble shooter aspects using panda bears and ninjas this time around. Like all XIMAD games thus far, the graphics are well done and gameplay can range from easy to hard. From their press release:

Prepare for hours of fun with this creative twist on the classic game Bubble Shooter! The feud between Pandas and Ninjas is very old. So old in fact, that no one remembers when it started. We do however remember what’s more sacred… The Panda. And that just means one thing, those sneaky and violent Ninjas NEED to go! With your help, we can get rid of the nasty Ninjas, preserve our lovely peace-loving Pandas, and protect their freedom! Match three or more Ninjas of the same color to remove them from the field, earning points for each removed ninja. Pandas will turn to ninja of any color and can help you to win the game! Good luck and let the fun begin!

Ninja Shooter is available now in BlackBerry App World for only $1.99, hit the app world link below for the full run down of available devices.

View Ninja Shooter in BlackBerry App World

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