Recently, we took a look at this application and the features it offers for people who adhere to the CrossFit conditioning program for their workouts. If you are unfamiliar with this training program, CrossFit incorporates various different types of high-intensity workouts including aerobic exercise, gymnastics, and Olympic weight training to improve fitness, endurance stamina, and strength.

For those of you CrossFitters out there who want to track your workouts (WODs), xFit WOD is a native BlackBerry 10 application that is the perfect tool to fit your needs.

The developer just released a new version that incorporates several additional features, as well as bug fixes, into the application that can be found listed below.

Change log for v1.0.2.3

  • Fixed issue where default dark theme was not assigning the proper theme selection on the settings page
  • Fixed validation to ensure numeric values only on My WOD input page and Body Measure input page
  • Added detail views for the Workout, Movement, and My WOD
  • Added item action button bar to the workout list view items
  • Added You Tube video's to most of the pre-loaded workouts
  • Added system toast when deleting an entry
  • Added validation on workout record deletion to ensure link WOD's do not become orphans records
  • Added the ability to track energy level's when tracking a WOD
  • Added validation to prevent user from changing category or type for linked WOD's
  • Added validation on repetition screen to ensure 1RM, 3RM and 5RM allows proper data entry
  • Fixed issue with double 1 Rep Max entry when adding a new 1RM movement
  • Added Pre-Work timer to the Stop Watch timer and the Count Down timers
  • Added vibration notification option for Stop Watch lap
  • Fixed bug issue with all timer reset button
  • Fixed bug when pausing pre-work timer
  • Fixed issue with News page which was not updating news tab when editing the news settings
  • Fixed bug with summary statistics calculation
  • Added context menu on profile picture to allow user to remove the selected image
  • Fixed category association for existing Open WOD's

CrossFit is a difficult workout program to follow, but this application gives you the ability to log and share your achievements and track your WODs, PRs, RX's and your favorite WODs. It offers a seamless interface and adds value to your workouts. You can find it for $1.99 for BlackBerry 10 handsets running OS 10.3.

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