Xberry Live!

I don't know about you but I am a HUGE Xbox360 FanBoy! I don't know how many times I wished there was an app that I could put on my BlackBerry to show me who on my friends list was online and playing what. Enter Xberry Live!, your new best friend to see who's playing, what that person is playing, and what games have they played in the past (as long as that person has all of that enabled in their preferences). You don't just have to add your friends off your list, you can add anyone with a Xbox Live Gamer Tag! More after the jump.

XBerry Live! 2

XBerry Live! 3

One feature that was added into this application is the ability to know when there is a newer version out and it will let you know to update the app. Keep in mind that this is a BETA app so there may be some minor bugs (only install if you're comfortable with beta apps). Xberry will work for BlackBerry smartphones running OS version 4.2.1 and up and it is available on 81xx, 83xx, 87xx, 88xx, and 9000! 

To download, type in this URL in your BlackBerry's web browser:

  • http://jxl.me/xberry/xberrylive.jad
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