puZZed update

puZZed is the ultimate rebuttal to “just five more minutes mom!”. I’ve mentioned before, in the original puZZed review, that I am completely guilty of hitting snooze, or resetting the alarm numerous, numerous times. I’ve gotten better as of late; making sure I go to bed at a decent time, so that I can get out of bed after my alarm goes off the first time….okay, maybe the second time. What puZZed does is force you to wake up and use your ‘thinker’ to turn off the alarm. Various tasks are available that must be solved before the alarm stops sounding, including; memory puzzles, typing phrases, matching signs and math puzzles. Recently, puZZed was updated to version 1.6.2, check out what’s new!


  • ew puzzle! Color Mess - Select the color of the text, not the color it tells you
  • Set difficulty for each puzzle
  • Try out puzzle before downloading!
  • User interface modification
  • User experience improvement
  • Various bug fixes

If you’re the kind that abuses the snooze button to the point of smashing your alarm flat, you need puZZed for BlackBerry smartphones. You can get it from BlackBerry App World for free from BlackBerry App World.

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