Yesterday Apple showed off their latest offering of devices including the multi-colored iPhone 5c as well as the updated iPhone 5s. Among the new features of the flagship 5s is Touch ID - a fingerprint scanner built into the home button that gives a whole new line of security to users. The Touch ID sensor is made up of various layers including a laser cut sapphire crystal, stainless steel detection ring, the Touch ID sensor, and a tactile switch.

Touch ID reads your fingerprint and lets you unlock your phone without having to enter a password. Just hold your finger on the sensor and your phone unlocks. You can even use Touch ID for verification for things like entering your App Store password. Pretty cool technology but is it necessary?

I'm all about security on my devices. I don't claim to be terribly important or hold any government secrets on my devices but I do like to know that when I'm not around, no one can just pick up my phone and start snooping. I'm totally fine with a simple PIN lock or password but something like Touch ID is very intriguing to me.

Your BlackBerry can stay plenty secure providing your use a proper password, but is fingerprint scanning something you'd like to see on a device? Imagine a sensor built into your home screen so that when you swipe to unlock it's actually scanning your finger as well.

Hit up the poll below and let us know yay or nay to a Touch ID feature for BlackBerry, then sound off in the comments.


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