Over the weekend there were some stories floating around about iOS apps potentially running on BlackBerry 10 in much the same manner as Android apps do now. It was claimed that BlackBerry 10 devices could essentially use an "iOS app player" to run iOS apps but as it turns out, that isn't exactly the case.

The example given was of the recently released Reebee app for BlackBerry 10 and it was noted that the transitions appeared to be extremely similar to those found on the iOS counterpart. As it turns out it's not so much an iOS app player as an iOS ported app. 

The app itself is based in Objective-C but the BlackBerry version has been ported and tweaked using developer tools to make it run on BlackBerry 10 - nothing more, nothing less. BlackBerry has offered tools for quite some time that allow developers to port existing iOS apps with a bit of extra work, so this is nothing terribly new.

So while we won't be seeing an iOS app player anytime soon, we still want to know if that is something you'd want to see come to BlackBerry 10. We already have an Android app player to expand the app catalog (and better support for that coming in OS 10.2) but would you want to be able to run iOS apps as well?

Hit up the poll below with the option that best fits you, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.