Having kids is a great thing, but when it comes to keeping them occupied there are times when your phone is the only option. You can let them watch videos or play games and most times keep them quiet and out of trouble (for a little while anyway). 

However as kids get older, they also get smarter. So if you let them use your device for one purpose, they sometimes venture off to other areas that you may not want them. In my case my son is older and smarter so he can get pretty much wherever he wants, while my daughter just pokes around or tries to eat my phone and ends up in all kinds of fun places (like calling 911).

I'll admit that I'm a bit jealous of the "kids zone" features that other devices have to offer. Windows Phone has Kids Corner and Android devices have features like the Kindle's FreeTime that restrict the areas, apps or time that children can use devices. Even iOS has a bit of the same as well. 

I'd love to see the same type of feature come to BlackBerry 10. We do have a great set of parental controls that restrict the use of apps or phone calls, but nothing that really limits the usage time or areas of the device that kids can access. So what we want to know is if you'd like to see some sort of kids zone feature come to BlackBerry 10 that has just these features. 

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