Waaaay back when in 2009 we scooped the first images of the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Smartphones. The watch was intended to pair up with your BlackBerry via Bluetooth and provide you with alerts for email, SMS and phone calls right on your wrist. There were a good number that made it out to users and while the inPulse never really panned out it ultimately morphed into the success that is the Pebble watch. The Pebble has risen to success in the last few months for Android and iOS users and although it's not currently supported on BlackBerry, there is at least one app in the works.

Smartwatches seem to be popping up all over the place recently, the latest of which is Samsung's Galaxy Gear. Announced today in NYC, the Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch that will pair up with the Galaxy Note 3 (with other devices to follow) to offer real-time notifications on your wrist including email, SMS, phone calls, eBay, Evernote, Path and more. Also tucked inside is a mic and speaker for phone calls as well as a 1.9MP camera for some true spy action.

While I'm not quite sold on any smartwatch at this point, I have been playing around with the Pebble a bit and I do get that there are some users who will love to have the functionality. What we want to know is if you would use an official BlackBerry smartwatch if one existed. At this point we don't expect to see one (ever) but we thought it would be fun to speculate. Imagine a watch that seemlessly paired up with your BlackBerry to show off SMS, email, BBM, Twitter, phone calls and any number of other notifications. Maybe even one that runs a super-slim version of BB10?

Hit up the poll below and let us know either yay or nay - then head to the comments and let us know your thoughts!