Google+ BlackBerry App  

A few weeks back when Google+ popped up, geeks everywhere clamored to get their hands on an invite. The fuss seemed to last quite a while, but recently it looks as if lots of users have given up on Google's social service. I for one haven't been active much (at all really) on Google+, partly because I don't have a sweet app on my BlackBerry to use (there are apps for both Android and iOS already). Granted there is a well designed mobile site, but it's not the best solution for posting and checking feeds. I feel that if there were a BlackBerry app like the Facebook app or the short-lived Myspace app, Google+ would be more of a draw for me.

So our question today is this - would you use Google+ more (or at all) if there were a BlackBerry app? Think push notifications, inbox integration and all that goodness. There is no sign of an app on the BlackBerry front, but maybe down the line something will pop up. Drop your vote in the poll above (pick the answer that fits you best) then leave a comment letting us know if you would use Google+ more or not with a BlackBerry app.

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