Worth Ave Group

We all love our BlackBerry smartphones, but what happens when the unthinkable occurs? What if you drop your prized possession and it breaks into a million pieces? What if you go to set your BlackBerry down in the cupholder in your car, but you realize all too late that there is a cup of coffee there? What do you do when these unfortunate events happen?

Well, you have a few options, but I want to tell you about a new option I just recently learned about at CES. 

I met with a company called Worth Ave Group and they explained to me about their cell phone insurance. They have policies starting at $45 per year depending on the coverage amount, and each claim only has a $50 deductible. The nice thing about this insurance as opposed to the policies offered by carriers is that there are unlimited claims during your policy term. Now that is not to say that you can go overboard with claims, but sometimes bad things may happen, and the limited amount of claims typically provided by the carrier insurance may not be enough. 

Another nice feature that Worth Ave Group has is laptop insurance. Now you're probably wondering what this has to do with your BlackBerry, and since you're wondering, I'll tell you. If you add a policy for your laptop, you can add a $10 rider on that policy to cover your BlackBerry as well. So if you were thinking about insuring your laptop in the first place, this may be something you want to look into as well for your BlackBerry. 

Let me run you through two examples of coverage:

Example 1 - Insurance for a BlackBerry Bold 9780 with a suggested retail price of $449.99 on T-Mobile. The cost for insurance with Worth Ave Group would be $53 per year, or about $4.42 per month, and you'd have a $50 deductible if you made a claim. 

Example 2 - Insurance for a laptop valued at $700 and a BlackBerry smartphone. The cost for this policy with Worth Ave Group would be $60 per year, or about $5 per month, and this is also with a $50 deductible.

To me, it makes the most sense to bundle your BlackBerry insurance with your laptop, but either way I think it's a great value.

Head over to Worth Ave Group's website and take a look for yourself. This may just be the policy you were looking for.  

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