WorldMate Mobile Travel Service keeps making travel easier

When you are a BlackBerry user and you travel; be it often or just simply on random occassions, I have never come across a better application then Worldmate. Personally, I use it on my BlackBerry and when I had an iPhone I also had it installed there as well. The latest news from Worldmate is that they have updated to version 4.0. This update, brings a lot to the table in terms of how exactly Worldmate function and how it can better assist you in your travels. A new service addition has been added to Worldmate:

WorldMate introduces TripCatch to their BlackBerry application, an opt-in service that monitors a user's BlackBerry inbox for travel confirmation emails and then automatically imports them into their WorldMate account. Skipping the manual step for users, TripCatch grabs confirmation for flights, hotels, rental cars and more, generating detailed trip itineraries. Ensuring privacy, TripCatch is certified with the Privacy Seal from TRUSTe so the only information accessed is explicitly allowed by the user.

With TripCatch automation, confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars and more generate detailed trip itineraries. The WorldMate service also includes flight alerts, calendar synchronization, and itinerary integration with mapping, navigation and LinkedIn contacts. Using TripCatch bypasses the old method of adding items to you itinerary wherein you had to forward all conformation emails to a specific email address before they would be added. TripCatch is an opt in service as well, so if you try it out and do not like you you may opt out at any time.

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