WorldMate Hotel Functionality

Loved by business travelers worldwide for it's functionality and ease of use, WorldMate announced the addition of hotel booking functionality to its WorldMate Live Service this week:

WorldMate has partnered with, an Expedia, Inc. company, to enable people to book travel quickly and securely on their mobile phones without requiring a phone call.

And now, WorldMate Live can proactively recommend - and directly book - hotel rooms, even at the last minute. The process is simple: Members searching for a hotel receive recommendations that factor in proximity to meeting locations on their itinerary, as part of WorldMate Live's propriety algorithm used to rank and list the best hotel options. Members can also view their entire agenda on a map together with any hotel option to make an informed decision. The service is free and initially available to all BlackBerry users.

Not familiar with the WorldMate Live service? Check out the sweet videos after the jump, and head on over to for even more info and to purchase.

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