Hit Me On My BlackBerry!

Turn on your Speakers and Crank Up the Volume! BlackBerry Addicts everywhere have a New Anthem! Listen below to the World Premiere of Hit Me on My BlackBerry...

I almost fell out of my chair when I received an email from T.U.N.D.E. last night telling me to check out the new song he whipped up for the BlackBerry community. Turns out he saw our The Comparison Continues... BlackBerry vs. iPhone post and said to himself, Screw the iPhone, BlackBerry is the Best, Kevin needs some ammo! and hammered out the lyrics and set it to the beats of the Fam-lay & Pharrel Beeper Song.

I'm loving the lyrics. HUGE CrackBerry thanks go out to T.U.N.D.E. on this one. He grew up in Virginia, is now living in London, England, is a Microsoft and Cisco certified engineer and raps for fun (there's a lesson here kids - you can read, excel and rap at the same time!).

Seriously, RIM should just take this song and turn it into a commercial for the BlackBerry Bold. But I'm guessing they won't, so it's up to us to do it! We need a montage! Time for another CrackBerry.com Contest! Details after the jump!


  • Task: Create a Video Montage for Hit Me On My BlackBerry!
  • Prize: $200 in BlackBerry Accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com and the Honor of Being the WINNER!!
  • Deadline: July 10th, 12noon CST
  • Details:
    • Upload your creations to YouTube or Viddler, and hit me on my BlackBerry (kevin at crackberry.com) with the URL to check it out!
    • In addition to your branding, each video should reference CrackBerry.com and T.U.N.D.E at the end (http://www.myspace.com/tundeakadouble)
    • You can check out this video to get an idea of what we're looking for and (we can out do the iPhone one!).
    • We'll embed some of the entries on CrackBerry.com as we receive them - so make it good and you might just see your Hit Me On My BlackBerry video on the CrackBerry homepage!
    • Winner will be announced July 11th, at the same time as we announce the winners of the 200,000 Members Contest.