World Cup Stickers

It's World Cup time, and what better way to show your support than by taunting your friends with some BBM Stickers. New to the BBM Shop are some great World Cup sticker packs for various countries — all available for just $1.99. Sadly there aren't packs for every country that will be competing in the tournament, but there are a select few that get things started on the right foot. Whether more are on the way we're not quite sure.

Available today are sticker packs for Brazil, France, United States, England, Colombia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain, Honduras, Holland, Germany and Australia. Quite a few to choose from, and even if you're team didn't make the cut, these are still worth checking out. Most (if not all) of the packs will be available in the shop today, so if you aren't yet seeing them just check back later on.

Don't forget there are plenty of great World Cup apps for your BlackBerry so you can keep up with all of the action!