When it comes to world clocks there are a selection in BlackBerry World. In fact, the native clock app with BlackBerry 10 even allows you to set up numerous locations around the world. But World Clock - Built for BlackBerry offers a lot more than just showing you what the time is in different regions and it could well be a must have business tool for BlackBerry 10 users. 

Once you open the application you'll see four tabs at the base of the display. These are Analog View, Digital View, Time Converter and Meeting Planner. Let's start with the Analog View. Here you can add a ton of different time zones just by tapping the 'Add' tab at the base of the display. Type in the city you want and job done. What's great about this view is that if you touch one of the clock faces it will change design and with a meaty selection to choose from you can have each clock looking unique. 

Jumping into the Digital View you are presented with a list of your chosen locations, including a country flag and the current time there. But tap the arrow on the right of the city and you'll be shown some more information including the time there, time in your home location, the difference in time and a few more handy bits.

Moving onto the Time Converter this is where you can enter a time and date, your location and then the location you wish to convert. Press the convert tab and a new page will open up with the times. Where this will come in handy is that you can add multiple locations so if you were planning maybe a conference call with people around the globe the app can show you when may be a suitable time. 

Finally we're onto the Meeting Planner and by putting in locations the app will generate a list showing the time zones in one of three colors - pink for normal sleeping hours, green for first half of the day and yellow for the second half of the day. Once again this part will show you suitable times when the people you need to speak with are likely to be awake. 

Main Features:

  • Full support for both Full-Touch and QWERTY devices. 
  • You can choose from a large collection of cities around the world! 
  • You can choose either the Analog or digital format for organizing your favorite cities, you can have separate preferences for analog and digital. 
  • Get some handy information about the city as geocode information, dial-code, in addition to time zone details and time differences. 
  • Choose from a comprehensive/professional set of 18 clock faces for analog and digital format. 
  • Get an indication of cities currently following the daylight savings. 
  • Get the time difference between various cities using Time Zone Converter for current, past and future dates. 
  • You can easily share the converted time zone details using any of your favorite BlackBerry10 applications as BBM, NFC, Remember and configured email accounts. 
  • Meeting Planner offers the most convenient way to plan your meetings with people in various time zones around the world. 
  • It offers the color coded timetable which respect to local time in the target city. 
  • You can easily browse to previous/next dates to find the suitable date for your meeting. 
  • You can add the meeting details to the in-built BlackBerry10 calendar/any other calendar you have configured on your BlackBerry10. 
  • Share meeting information via email directly from your BlackBerry10. The email comprises a detailed information of local times of all cities participating in the meeting. It will also attach the ICS calendar file to the email by default. 
  • Supports the Active-Frame where you get first two/three city timings of both Analog and Digital preferences.

So as you see there is more to this one than initially meets the eye. World Clock - Built for BlackBerry is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. Kudos to the developer for this one. For folk that deal internationally this one is an absolute bargain. 

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