Workout Assistant

We first took a look at Workout Assistant for BlackBerry 10 just a couple of months after the new OS was launched. The fitness gym log application has now not only been updated, but totally rewritten to ensure the best experience possible - and as you will see, the amount of new features and improvements is huge. 

I can't say I'm a big user of the gym, but in days gone past when I have been I would have loved to be able to record and plan my exercise routines with an app like this. Unfortunately for me those days are gone due to back issues but this one may be just what you are looking for? 

The application will allow you to record and build up your gym activities from scratch - so you can tailor it to suit your needs. The user interface is clean and crisp and has that true BlackBerry 10 feel about it. In addition to just keeping a record of your workouts you will also find places to record and track your body weight and also a timer for cardio sessions. All in all the improvements in this latest version look great, so kudos to the developer. 

New in this update: 

  • App rewritten from SCRATCH in Native C++/Cascades 
  • Faster, smoother, lagless, nicer 
  • Added possibility to ORDER routines/exercises freely (move up and down ). No more strict order options 
  • Added an Image field (with different images to choose from) to every exercise to recognize every exercise 
  • Added possibility to UPDATE an exercise (every change you made is recorded and saved)  
  • Added possibility to VIEW PROGRESS CHARTS (sets, weight, reps and time) for EVERY EXERCISE
  • (You can still EDIT an exercise if you added some wrong information)  
  • Added a QUICK TIMER to the "Single Exercise Page" so you can set your rest time without browsing all the app  
  •  Added possibility to choose from 10+ notification sounds 
  • Added LED notification in addition to sound notification 
  • Now timers work even if the app is minimized and/or the device is locked  
  • In the "Timer Tab" is now possible to set up to 3 different timers that blink with different colors 
  • They could run at the same time and work even if the app is minimized and/or the device is locked 
  • Added a "Guide" page 
  • Integrate with BBM, now you can send an "invite to Download" 
  • Added a Backup/Restore Option  
  • Backup is on Device or on Dropbox (in this way you can share your routines between devices !)


  • Add more exercise pics
  • Add a default database of exercises to choose from
  • Add more notification sound
  • Add Q10 shortcuts

Priced at £1.50/$1.99 and now available for all BlackBerry 10 devices I would say that this is a small price to pay if you take your gym activities seriously. If you give it a go feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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